If you are one of those people that have team members and they are creating general content on LinkedIn, or in any other site, you definitely needs to consider sharing all that content that has been created on your own company’s page. If you want to maximise all the impact of this content, you need to create a specific strategy with your own team so you will be able to reach some of your goals.

If you need help to find important content, you can create a dedicated hashtag for the members of your team, those who are creating content, so they can use it when they are posting their content.  When you are capable to monitoring the hashtag on LinkedIn, and also any other social media site, the administrators of the page, are able to pick up some specific user-generated content from all the employees and that way, it will be shared on the company’s page.

When you are on LinkedIn, it will let you use and create 3 hashtags for your company page, so you are going to have to use one of them for your employees so they can tag there all their posts. If you want to create a hashtag for your company’s page, you just have to go to the Admin view.

As soon as you create your own hashtag, you have to encourage your employees to start using it in each one of their posts, so it’s going to be so much easier to find them, that way you can immediately share some relevant posts and content on your company’s page.

If you want to share any employees LinkedIn post directly to your company’s page, you just need to click the share button that is located at the bottom of your post. It is important that you are sure you are posting at the company’s page and not making the mistake of doing it under your own personal account.

If in the other hand, you have employees that are also creating content but they are doing it outsides LinkedIn, you can be able to also share all that content on your company’s page. You need to ask your team when they are going to be involved in any content creation, as for example, guest blogs post appearing in a podcast.

When you are posting, you need to make sure you are mentioning the employee name and of course, tag them specifically. Also, it is important to include the name of your external site when the content was posted originally.

It is something easy to make and is a great strategy to use on LinkedIn.

Sharon Callix
Multi Award Winning Social Media Expert
International Speaker

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