This new addition by LinkedIn is looking to give people a native solution that allows for post scheduling to be done with ease. This would be a great thing for the platform that currently makes use of third party software for this purpose.

The great factor about this process is that it can make it so much easier for people to make efficient use of the platform. This is the kind of change that is going to create a before and after in the way that the platform enables digital marketing strategies.

When this requires third party software, it can make things more complicated and this is why it is important to have a native option that allows this to be done with ease. Many people do not trust third party apps and this is common to see.

LinkedIn is definitely making the right move by ensuring that this is not going to be an issue. They are aware of the importance of making things easier for users and that is why they are giving this so much emphasis. They want to ensure that people can get the best results from the use of the platform for digital marketing.

Some of the advantages of using LinkedIn for Marketing include:

  • With LinkedIn you will be making it easier for your potential clients and possible collaborators to reach you. Always remember that most of the users of this network belong to one of the strongest segments commercially speaking.
  • It is a channel that will allow you to interact with your clients, either by sharing valuable content, supporting their publications, participating in debates, validating their skills, etc.
  • A large number of business and work relationships start on LinkedIn. In fact, it is the social network with the highest conversion rate compared to Facebook and twitter.
  • LinkedIn is the most important and ideal social network to launch B2B products and services, being the third most used platform of this type by business owners.
  • Getting a company page on LinkedIn positively influences the organic positioning of your company. In this sense, the number of active followers and the inclusion of keywords in the description are decisive.
  • Through your company profile on LinkedIn, you will find strategic alliances and generate synergies quickly and agilely, because your users are related by professional interests, so it is a more focused and segmented audience.
  • Another advantage for your company to have a presence on LinkedIn is that you will be able to direct qualified traffic to your website.
  • You can also create product pages, which are an extension of the company page. With product pages, you can promote products or services to a specific segment of your target audience.

It is more than evident that using this platform is very reliable and a native post scheduling feature is going to make it even more reliable. This is why many people are looking forward to this addition in order to enhance their marketing efforts as much as possible.

Sharon Callix
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