Which is the best privacy-focused as an alternative instead of WhatsApp?
Recently WhatsApp announced changes in its policies, they notified their users that they will be offering new options to businesses messages by using the service and that they were updating the privacy terms. Also said that all their users would have to accept these new terms in February or they won’t have access to their accounts anymore. After that announcement, people and social media went crazy and moved to other platforms like Telegram.

Days ago, WhatsApp made another announcement saying that they delayed the privacy update, meanwhile, Facebook is trying to manage the backlash by users who are worried about the changes, making them move to Telegram and Signal among other similar applications, however, not everyone is leaving WhatsApp, at least not yet.

But, Are Telegram and Signal’s security policies better at protecting their user’s data than WhatsApp? Let’s make some comparisons.

They explained that they are delaying their policy changes however, despite the recent events, WhatsApp still is the most popular application and the one that everyone has. WhatsApp has a lot of advantages, besides its popularity, and one of them is its room system that is capable of making massive videoconferences of up to 50 people, and that’s just one example. So for better or worse, having WhatsApp is necessary if you want to communicate with most of your friends and family.

One of the main advantages of Telegram is that it offers a variety of features that Apps like Signal doesn’t have. Telegram gives you the chance to have up to 200,000 in any group chat; also you can transfer files that are up to 2GB something that you can’t do in most of these types of applications. About privacy, Telegram isn’t as safe as Signal because, for example, they let users add bots to the conversations which means that you will have less private encryption. Telegram is the big winner during the WhatsApp crisis because they reported 25 million new users in just 72 hours which is impressive.

Signal is the winner in terms of security. All the conversations and other types of communication are encrypted between devices that are running Signal, not even them could be able to see your conversations and messages if they wanted to. In Signal, all your chats are “Secret” by default including the group chats.

One of the other advantages of Signal in terms of security is that they stored the conversations only on the device you are using, contrary to Telegram for example because they stored conversations on their servers and can be synchronized between all your different devices. The problem with Signal isn’t as popular as the other ones, so you won’t find a lot of your contacts there.

In the end, you decide to keep using WhatsApp or not, or just to keep it but also add Telegram or Signal to your list of applications.

Sharon Callix
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