There is no denying that LinkedIn has become one of the most popular networks for people to use. It’s entirely business-driven, so you can expect your audience to be a serious and professional network of people who are looking to achieve success with their business. I will be going into some basics of the main things you should consider doing and the things you should always avoid doing when you start using LinkedIn.

Things to do
Make sure that your profile pic looks great and that it has been taken recently. The recommended timeframe is a photo each year. Look your best and don’t go too far with the smile or with a serious face either, find balance in the profile pic.

Always send each person that joins your network a welcome message that is personalized. This is going to start the relationship with that individual on the right track.

Make sure that you always respond as quickly as possible when someone sends you a message. This is going to make it obvious that you are active and reliable.

Post as often as you can but never sacrifice quality just to post frequently. It’s better to post once a week with something truly informative and meaningful instead of posting 5 times a week but having nothing worth reading.

Keep your personal opinions away from the network and remember that people are there to talk about business. This is not to say you can use personal stories to talk about success or about difficult times, but we are talking about your personal opinions on politics, social issues, etc.

What not to do
Don’t send messages to your contacts that are directly asking them to purchase something or to subscribe to a newsletter. This is the kind of behaviors that are frowned upon in the network.  This also means you should avoid sending messages to people who have checked your profile with that as your excuse to reach them.

Don’t mix email lists with LinkedIn if you want to avoid making people delete you from their network. The best way to get into someone’s bad side is to include them in your email lists because they are connected to you in LinkedIn.

Avoid asking strangers to recommend you because you could end up having a bad reputation if someone finds out you don’t really know someone that has recommended you.

Sharon Callix
Award Winning Social Media Expert
International Speaker

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