We are definitely moving towards the whole metaverse phenomenon faster now than ever before. It seemed like this was never going to happen, but we are truly on the verge of this technology becoming the next big thing. It seems like we are a far cry from the times when the metaverse was just an idea. Now it is a reality that we can already see in all kinds of business brand implementations.

Meta, the parent company of WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram, has announced that 3D avatars for Instagram Stories are finally here. Mark Zuckerberg himself broke the news on his Facebook profile.

As the CEO of the company explains, this is an update to the Meta avatars, with a larger number of expressions, faces and skin tones”, among other aspects such as wheelchairs and hearing aids. The idea is to make sure that the avatars can truly be customized to be a very accurate virtual version of the person. This is going to prove to be very important in the long run when the metaverse comes in full force.

The most important thing about this update, Zuckerberg explains, is that the new avatars will be usable across Quest, Facebook, Instagram and Messenger, i.e. all of Meta’s platforms that make up its metaverse. The executive mentions that they are also experimenting with digital clothing to dress up the avatars and give them more personality, starting with official NFC shirts to wear during the Super Bowl.

Initially, Meta’s new 3D avatars are available in Instagram Stories and private messages. In fact the test begins in the United States, Canada and Mexico, countries where users of Meta’s platforms can already create our custom avatar.

How to create your Facebook avatar for Instagram Stories
Meta explains that users who have already created their avatars on Facebook will now see the best ones mentioned by Zuckerberg applied, and will be able to use their avatars as profile pictures, in comments as stickers, and for the first time, in Instagram stories.

On the other hand, for those who have not created their avatar, they will be able to do it easily from the Facebook app, in the Menu > Avatars section, following the simple steps to customize it. This is a very simple process without a doubt, but the idea is to create something memorable.

How to Create a 3d Facebook Instagram Avatar.
In addition, a new option will also be introduced on Instagram to create 3D avatars and be able to use them in Stories. However, although Meta confirms that Mexico is part of the first countries that will receive this option, at the time of writing this post, the creation of avatars is not yet among Instagram’s options.

The great thing is that the method to create them is going to be super simple to use and this means anyone can create their avatar fast. This is a great thing for those who wish to get involved in the whole metaverse thing a quickly as possible.

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