There have been many reasons why people get their accounts banned from Facebook. The thing is that many of those reasons had not been revealed for users to keep them in mind. Those “secret” reasons are now out and this means that there is no excuse not to know what kind of content could get you in trouble in this particular network. Today we are going to give you that list and this is going to give you the chance to avoid getting banned.

The first list is the basics of criminal behavior and this includes:

  • Human trafficking
  • Any form of organized hate
  • Mass murders
  • Regulated goods and items

Then you have your sexual related bans:

  • Any child nudity or sexual exploitation
  • Sexual violence of any kind
  • Sexual harassment
  • Sexual conduct in general

Objectionable content bans:

  • Bullying or shaming
  • Graphic violence
  • Adult nudity
  • Cruel and insensitive content
  • Spam
  • Misleading posts
  • False News

Other reasons

  • Accounts from anyone 12 years old or younger
  • Government request for removal for specific reasons.
  • Legal guardian request for removal for specific reasons.

These are the rules that you need to be careful not to break, but fortunately most of them are not going to be a problem for most people to avoid. The point is that it is important for everyone to understand these new content terms of service in order to avoid any issues with your account.

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