Finding out when and where your business is mentioned online is going to be extremely important if you want to achieve optimal results. This is quite relevant in social media because it allows you to see who seems to be showing interest as well as anyone who might be giving any kind of negative feedback on your products or services.


There is an excellent reason why Agora pulse is one of the best social management tools. That reason is that you are going to be able to look into your social media conversations and monitor what is being said. Yu can configure which keywords you want to have in this system and this is going to give you the chance to achieve optimal results.


This is another powerful tool that is going to give you the chance to keep your business and your brand protected. It reaches further than popular social media pages like Facebook and it allows you to monitor blogs, forums and websites to see where your business is being mentioned.


Whenever there are conversations related to your brand in any way, you will find that Awario is the best and most reliable option to keep in mind. They will give you the most relevant conversations related to any keywords you choose, and this is going to allow you prioritize the most relevant content and take proper action.


Just like the other tools I have mentioned here, this one is very robust and powerful. It will help you track what is happening all over the net and it will give you the change to get to know a network of top level influencers that can help boost your results.

Final thoughts

There are many other tools that can help you keep an eye on how your brand online for both positive and negative comments. This is an extremely important thing that all internet marketers need to keep in mind, not only to see what people are saying, but also to make sure that you can control any issues related to your business reputation before they get out of control.

Always make use of these tools knowing that they are going to allow you to be one-step ahead of your competitors. The more control you have over what is happening online with your business, the easier it is to change, upgrade and fix anything that might be causing you to lose customers instead of achieving results.

Sharon Callix

Award Winning Social Media Expert

International Speaker

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