A new feature is being tested by FB in order to give people the chance to create secret profiles in groups. This is for those who don’t want to be identified for their real names in any groups.

Many news organizations have started to move away from open social media and they have started to use more private and closed platforms such as Discord and Whatsapp as well as Facebook groups. Journalists are usually not going to be allowed to lurk inside these communities.

Could journalists solve this problem with secret profiles?
A large number of news organizations and journalists have started creating their own private groups to give the public a chance to participate, but that makes little sense.

Testing the new secret profile has been important according to Anna Bofa, who happens to be the head of Facebook’s community partnerships in EMEA. She closely works on the Facebook groups product team.

The creating of this sort of secret profile is going to make it safer for people to protect their privacy, but other challenges will come from this due to possible scamming and disruption of groups with the use of this new anonymity.

Facebook is already looking for an automated way to flag comments before they are posted if they contain any kind of phrases or words that are considered troublesome.

Timeframe limitations can also be a good way to ensure that groups that need 24/7 moderation are able to keep things under control. Options such as allowing comments to be posted automatically only during working hours would be good.

What are your thoughts?

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